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In May 2006, Saudi Arabian Oil Company and TOTAL S.A. signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop the Jubail Refinery and Petrochemical Project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Project entails the development of 400,000 barrels per day (bpd), and will be the first plant built in Jubail Industrial City 2, located in the east coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On June 22, 2008, with a share of (62.5%) for Saudi Aramco and (37.5%) for TOTAL, the Shareholders signed an Agreement in order to form SAUDI ARAMCO TOTAL Refining and Petrochemical Company (SATORP), which was officially established on September 21, 2008.

Database Administrator (481)

Job Purpose:
To design and maintain SATORP’s database systems, such as Oracle and SAP, and participate in the development, quality control and auditing of databases to ensure efficiency and data integrity.
Perform all activities to ensure efficiency, security and integrity of server systems, including refining database design, supporting users, conducting regular checks and administering and maintaining Oracle and SAP databases.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1.Install, configure, maintain, troubleshoot and administer SATORP’s database.
2.Monitor the databases on a daily basis, track performance and manage parameters.
3.Conduct regular database backups and maintain and administer backup files and hardware.
4.Perform SAP system checks and manage transport changes between SAP systems.
5.Provide Tier (3) user support in case database-related problems have not been fixed through the helpdesk (Tear (1)) and Database Administrator Support (Tier (2)).
6.Provide technical support for SAP including installation, configuration, maintenance, upgrade, monitoring, tuning and troubleshooting.
7.Recommend new database systems and equipment additions pertaining to the database administration.
8.Participate in assessing SATORP’s users’ requirements and needs and monitor user access and ensure security.
9.Develop database documentation including data standards, procedures and definitions for the data dictionary.
10.Assist in installing and testing new versions of the database management systems.
11.Liaise with database services vendors and providers to monitor service performance and ensure compliance.
12.Act as a couch to Database Administrator Support and provide feedback with regards to their performance and learning capabilities.
13.Control and manage database access authorizations and privileges as per Superintendent Infrastructure and Senior Database Administrator’s directives.
14.Perform other related duties as assigned by the Superintendent Infrastructure or Senior Database Administrator.
Expected Results:
Efficient, secure and high performing database systems are in place which will help improve SATORP’s overall information reliability and integrity.
Education Background:
Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Engineering or equivalent. Technical certification is preferred.
Four (4) years of experience in Administering and Managing Database Systems, of which at least Two (2) years in a similar position.

Maintenance Engineer (261)

Job Purpose:
Coordinate the maintenance of SATORP facilities to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for employees.

ScopeProvide professional engineering services in support of facilities management, maintenance, and operation.  Interact with Contractors, Vendors and SATORP personnel to coordinate and accomplish major facilities improvements, renovations, and alterations to facilities.  Ensure safe and efficient operation of all installations and supporting equipment associated with facilities management.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1.Coordinate the implementation of maintenance works in SATORP facilities.
2.Advise on facilities maintenance project regarding the use of appropriate technical standards, practices and design guidelines.
3.Follow-up on the Facilities Maintenance projects and activities including development or reviewing projects scope, obtaining financing, coordinating and providing documentation.
4.Check SATORP facilities to determine and evaluate the need for and cost of materials required for facilities maintenance, repair and replacement activities, and submit recommendations to the Supervisor Facilities Management in this regard.
5.Liaise with Operations Department and Contractors to assist with and review the Projects design from an operations perspective, and develop changes for improvements.
6.Recommend and supervise new projects and modification of existing facilities, and update the Facilities Management Supervisor about the progress.
7.Conduct research about maintenance companies and generate a list of preferred suppliers.
8.Prepare the technical requirements for Facilities Maintenances contracts and services; and assist in developing RFPs, reviewing bidders’ qualifications and selecting the right contractor.
9.Support and provide input in Facilities Maintenances related tendering and contracting activities including, but not limited to, attending pre-tender meetings, answering related questions, evaluating of technical tenders prior to awarding.
10.Maintain and share knowledge of the related engineering technologies, standards, lessons learned and best practices identified.
11.Develop, review, and update maintenance work plans and develop methods for assembly of spare parts job packages, calibration and repair work orders.
12.Determine the needs of facilities and their associate establishments and write regular reports and recommendation about their status.
13.Ensure that facilities maintenance works are in accordance with SATORP building codes, safety standards and industry best practices.
14.Submit periodical reports concerning following-up work and appraise all final maintenance work.
15.Supervise the systems and methods of implementing the maintenance work.
16.Perform other related duties as assigned by the Supervisor Facilities Management.

Expected Results:
SATORP facilities are adequately maintained and in a good condition.

Education Background:
Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.

Six (6) years of experience in a related field.

Career Development Supervisor (342)

Job PurposeTo provide support and advice on Career Development and Talent Management Programs and contribute to the development and maintenance of effective Competency Framework and Succession Plan for all positions at SATORP.

ScopeEnsure quality design, development and implementation of Competency Framework, Career Path Plan, Succession Planning and Development Programs and Performance Management System that cover all employees at SATORP and help instill a culture of career progression and performance among employees.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1.Supervise and monitor Career Development Section’s Counselors and support them in performing their assigned duties.
2.Ensure that all Career Development programs are fully integrated and coordinated according to SATORP’s expectations and relevant industry best practices.
3.Provide expert input to Career Development programs for individual employees, including identifying individuals’ objectives and improvement needs, developing their respective programs and monitoring their career progress.
4.Assist in the development and establishment of all policies, procedures and guidelines relating to Career Development programs and activities.
5.Design specific communication programs to reach out to all SATORP’s Organizations and ensure their full understanding and ownership of the Competency Framework, Career Path Plan, Succession Planning and Development Programs and Performance Management.
6.Partner with SATORP’s Organizations to develop performance improvement strategies and core competencies.
7.Ensure that all associated templates and forms for Career Development programs are in place, easy-to-use and timely communicated and shared with all concerned personnel.
8.Keep abreast with the latest methodologies and associated technologies to be used for Career Development programs and initiatives.
9.Communicate and report directly to Superintendent Training and Career Development on Career Development related issues.
10.Monitor and ensure the Career Development programs and technologies are kept current and maintained, and ensure that effective utilization and continuous updating of SAP Talent Management system.
11.Perform other related duties as assigned by the Superintendent Training and Career Development.

Expected Results:
An integrated and coordinated Career Development programs that help develop and retain a capable, high-performance pool of employees.

Education Background:
Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Business Administration, Human Resource or equivalent.

Eight (8) years of experience in Talent Management and Career Development, of which at least Four (4) years in a similar position.

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